"Investing in the Future"

MAYDENIM which was founded in 2012, is Turkey's largest denim and non-denim manufacturer with its investments and innovations developed.

Today, it manufactures for 12 major brands in 3 continents and 11 countries.

The factories of MAYDENIM in Ordu and Serbia are among the pioneers of the denim industry with more than 500 employees and a capacity of 4,200,000 units / year.

Besides its success in denim and non-denim production, MAYDENIM is a pioneer in the sector with its management policies, understanding sustainability and social responsibility projects.

MAYDENIM increases much of its product portfolio each year with its innovative approach and latest technology.

MAYDENIM will continue its pioneering position in the sector with increasing investment plans, new projects, products and growing business volume, as it has been for years.

MAYDENİM is in cooperation with all unions.


Sustainable Production with High Added Value.


Providing Sustainable Solutions with High Value Added in the World.